You can make a booking for the SkyDome by completing a form on this website or by email or phone. Fill in the form and select a date or a date range for when you would like to experience the digital mobile planetarium. We will get back to you regarding the availability of your preferred dates. As the date approaches we will contact you to discuss firmer arrangements. By making a booking early you can ensure that you have a greater chance of getting the date(s) you want.

You will need to know your school's roll number (or postcode in NI) to make a booking. If you have the measurements of the room you propose to use that would be helpful.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. You can send an email or a text message with your number and we'll ring you back.


PHONE:     044 9335679

MOBILE:    086 8151666

CONTACT: Oliver Haughey


SkyDome Academy is based in Mullingar, Co Westmeath.

Our central location allows us to visit any part of Ireland with the SkyDome digital mobile planetarium in a single day.

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George Lee profiled the SkyDome Academy on RTÉ Radio for The Business. You can listen to the podcast.