The children really enjoyed the SkyDome experience. It was well pitched for my senior infants class and they came away with lots of interesting facts.

Ms Reynolds, Harold NS


Children really enjoyed the experience and were engaged throughout. Excellent visuals and further deepened their understanding of the solar system. Well worth it.

Mr Brady, Killinkere NS


Very well presented. Well done, keep up the good work.

Mr O'Meadh, Scoil Santain


Fantastic experience, children really enjoyed it. Excellent presentation, very informative. Molaim go hard é!

Ms Ni Chonaola, Scoil Santain


The children really enjoyed it.

Ms Gleeson, St. Conleth's


All the children really enjoyed it and so did I.

Ms Fenlon, St. Conleth's


An interesting, exciting and fun introduction to our skyscape. The information was pitched well to 1st class and extended well when questions were asked.

Ms O'Driscoll, St. Conleth's


Lesson was made age appropriate for different groups. Very informative and enjoyable, even for us grown ups.

Mr Higgins , St. Andrew's NS


A very enjoyable, educational experience for all the pupils.

Ms Andrews, St. Andrew's NS


A fun time was had by all. Thank you.

Ms Powell, St. Andrew's NS


The infants loved the SkyDome. Thank you.

Ms Mangan, St. Andrew's NS


Excellent delivery and well organised.

Ms Mc Nutt, St. Andrew's NS


An excellent presentation which engaged the children very good amount of time for questions at the end, not too long or not too short. Thank you.

Ms Thompson, St. Andrew's NS


Children really enjoyed the fantastic images, explanations were very clear, well explained. Very worthwhile experience. Thank you.

Ms Tooher, St. Brendan's PS


Very enjoyable, educational and clearly presented. Thanks a lot.

Mr Conall, St. Brendan's PS


Language chosen very carefully and adapted where not understood. Very age appropriate.

Mr Mulqueen, St. Brendan's PS


Excellent. Well done. Very informative.

Ms Ducie, Presentation Primary


Very enjoyable and worthwhile experience.

Ms O'Connell, Presentation Primary


Thank you, it was very enjoyable!

Ms Cunningham, Presentation Primary


It was very interesting, enjoyed by all the children. Thank you.

Ms Dooley, Presentation Primary


Very child friendly, engaging and highly visual.

Ms Kavanagh, Presentation Primary


Very enjoyable experience. Brought the night sky to life. The clock on the side really good as it showed the changes as we progressed through time. Children found it really exciting.

Ms Kieran, Presentation Primary


It was very enjoyable. We would definitely recommend it to others.

Ms Deegan, Kilkea NS


Thanks very much Ollie, the children enjoyed their time in the SkyDome with you this morning.

Ms Heavey, Kilkea NS


Thank you, was very beneficial to our pupils and was really enjoyed by all children.

Ms Moran, Kilkea NS


This was an excellent lesson, it embraced many curricular ideas, history, geography, science etc. It gave the children a wealth of knowledge, in a meaningful and interesting way. We can all now gaze at the stars with renewed rigour.

Ms Breveton, St. Mary's GNS


Kids certainly learned a lot of new facts. Has definitely helped their spatial awareness.

Ms Byrne, St. Mary's GNS


Very interesting and well presented. A fantastic experience.

Ms Coffey, St. Mary's GNS


An excellent experience for the children and staff. Very informative with information pitched very well for different class levels. Children were engaged throughout.

Ms O'Sullivan, St. Mary's GNS


Very educational for the children. Instructor was very patient and used basic language for the children to ensure understanding and enjoyment. Very enjoyable experience.

Ms Lillis, St. Mary's GNS


The visual effect was amazing, the children have an avid interest in space and science already, however it is difficult to show some lessons to the children. This was perfect for this. Their favourite thing was the constellations.

Ms Choileain, Scoil Realta na Maidne


SkyDome brings a difficult concept to life. The boys were very excited by what they saw and wanted to find out more about stars and planets. We are always trying to find ways to encourage pupils to want to explore subjects. SkyDome works!

Ms Sheely, Scoil Realta na Maidne


Response to various questions very valuable, well answered. Pupils had opportunity to acquire additional information through this Q&A session.

Ms Wallace, Sliabh a Mhadra


It was an excellent educational experience for the children. It encouraged great interest and excitement around the study of astronomy. The setting up of the SkyDome was very practical and hassle free. One of the major benefits was that we essentially took the children on a school tour within the school.

Ms Goulding, Sliabh a Mhadra


Thank you for the very informative session. The children and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Ms O'Connor, North Bay ETNS


Wonderful way to learn! Very enjoyable hearing the ooh's and ah' s of the children.

Ms Burke, North Bay ETNS


Very enjoyable experience, a different perspective for the children. Presentation was clear and very effective.

Mr Feeney, North Bay ETNS


Excellent, presentation very clear. Children were very engaged, presenter asked very good questions to draw them with the experience. Oliver elaborated and expanded to a level appropriate to the age group.

Ms Lannon, North Bay ETNS


The SkyDome presentation was interesting, educational and entertaining. It transported the children into another realm. It was a great learning experience for all, both adults and children. The interactive nature and extremely skilled presentation made it an invaluable educational instrument.

Ms O'Meara, North Bay ETNS


Very informative and enjoyable for pupils, many thanks, great interactive experience.

Ms Keane, Scoil Oilibheir


I enjoyed the session and so did the children. Here are some of their comments: "It was fun", "Thank you for answering our difficult questions", "It was interesting to see all the constellations", "It was fascinating in the dark", "Thanks for showing us the size of the planets and what it looks like on the moon". It was great to have such expert knowledge to answer all the children's questions.

Ms Ni Rianaigh, Scoil Oilibheir


The interactive nature of the SkyDome was extremely effective in maintaining the children's attention and explaining their questions to them clearly.

Ms Nic Dhubhghaill, Scoil Oilibheir


Very enjoyable and informative.

Ms McLougth, Rush NS


Dome was great, very enjoyable for kids.

Ms Keege, Rush NS


I thought It was excellent, pupils in my class enjoyed it. Thank you.

Ms McElligett, Rush NS


It was very good, very enjoyable.

, St. Patrick's BNS


As the SkyDome came to the school there were no transport costs. It is very educational and links in perfectly with the SESE curriculum. An excellent experience, very worthwhile and enjoyable. Thank you.

Ms Warren, Queen of Angels


Ollie was brilliant with the children. It fitted perfectly with out Discover Primary Science Award of excellence.

Mr Dermody, Queen of Angels


Very enjoyable and the planetarium helped to put the planets and stars in perspective. Very good.

Ms O'Riogain, Gaelscoil na Camoige


Excellent hands on experience, very informative, very good instructor, knew his stuff.

Ms , Gaelscoil na Camoige


It was excellent. Very informative. The children enjoyed it immensely and it has added hugely to their enthusiasm regarding space and geography. It explained what would otherwise take weeks to explain and in just one hour. Thank you.

Ms O'Sullivan, Gaelscoil na Camoige


Very factual, interesting and informative. The children really enjoyed the visual display. I would definitely recommend it to other schools. Very reasonable too.

Mr O'Fearaigh, Gaelscoil na Camoige


Very interesting. Easy to understand when using the images. Well put together.

Ms Brady, St. Mary's Virginia


Excellent presentation and resources, children really enjoyed and were engaged throughout the presentation. Would highly recommend to other schools.

Ms Lyons, St. Mary's Virginia


Very educational, realistic and comprehensive. Aspects like seasons, day and night, rotation of planets around the sun etc. Very clear and easy to grasp. A fantastic trip, even though we never moved.

Mr Darby, SN Phadraig


A great educational experience. Encapsulated in the SkyDome the child's sense of space, time earth are heightened. I think the concept of day/night and earth's rotation around the sun very clear. The night sky was a fascination also.

Ms Shanahan, SN Phadraig


Very interesting and enjoyable, thoroughly worthwhile.

Ms Kearins, St. Teresa's NS


Talk was well suited to their age, Q&A session at the end very good too.

Ms Wynne, St. Teresa's NS


A fantastic enjoyable experience. The girls thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the Planetarium and were very eager to learn more. All the information given was age appropriate and covered in the 6th class curriculum. We really enjoyed our experience.

Ms Tansey, Marist Primary


This was a very different and educationally valuable experience for all involved.

Ms Marrinan, Marist Primary


Students absolutely loved this. Kept using words like "amazing, awesome, brilliant". Definitely worth doing again. Personally I found it very impressive, highly informative, some TY students tend to be entertainment heavy, very professional, very enjoyable.

Ms Hunter, St. Mary's Mallow


Following this experience, I would like to introduce a small taste of astronomy / solar system to infants as part of science from now on.

Ms Grimes, St. Patrick's NS


Excellent presentation. Very educational and relevant to the school curriculum.

Mr Dennigan, St. Patrick's NS


Very educational. All children participated and enjoyed the experience.

Mr O'Se, Scoil Naomh Eire


A wonderful educational well organised experience the whole school enjoyed it. Go raibh mile maith agat.

Ms , Scoil Naomh Eire


Extremely interesting, entertaining and educational. The pupils learnt a lot and so did I. Wonderful!

Ms Tighe, Culfadda NS


I felt it was excellent as it is very hard to explain the concept of the size of the planet.

Ms , St. Kevin's BNS


Excellent, was brought down to the classes level. Interest was maintained throughout. Thanks a million.

Ms Loughran, St. Kevin's BNS


The children really enjoyed the SkyDome and it brought the curriculum to life for them in a way that is not possible in class.

Mr Hannon, St. Kevin's BNS


The time slot for the older class was only short because they asked a lot of questions. They were so interested and engrossed in this presentation. Thanks a million.

Ms , Kilternan NS


And I learned a lot too!

Mr Parker, Kilternan NS


Very interesting, both pupils and teachers learned a lot. Ollie had a very interesting way of talking about the sky. He was knowledgeable but he pitched the information at an appropriate level for the children.

Ms O'Brien, St. Finian's


Excellent, enjoyable show.

Ms Mc Corrick, Abbey NS


Very good and the children were really engaged from beginning to end.

Mr , Gaelscoil Bheanntrai


Feedback from the children was very positive.

Ms Towns, Gaelscoil Bheanntrai


The children really enjoyed this experience, much more effective than any lesson that could be prepared in the classroom, very memorable.

Ms Ni Luasa, Gaelscoil Bheanntrai


Very informative, children really enjoyed it. I learnt a lot myself.

Mr Kelly, St. Joseph's Arklow


Excellent experience. Really enjoyable for the children. They thoroughly enjoyed being able to ask questions about information in the SkyDome. Very well presented.

Mr Luby, St. Joseph's Arklow


Very child friendly presentation. Many thanks.

Ms O'Regan, St. Joseph's Arklow


This was a fantastic experience for the children. It gave them a great understanding of the solar system in a very effective and child friendly way. The children gave excellent feedback when they returned to the classroom, about the experience and of all they learned.

Ms Carroll, St. Fergal's NS


Very enjoyable experience for the children and relevant to the curriculum covered for second class.

Ms Ni Ghrainne, St. Fergal's NS


All questions were answered individually and patiently and the children were happy with answers. Everyone really enjoyed it.

Ms Murphy, St. Fergal's NS


Very enjoyable, children really enjoyed and learned a lot. Great interest. Super idea, ties in nicely with science curriculum. Discover science.

Ms Corcoran, St. Fergal's NS


Thank you for the great presentation.

Ms Ni Chuireain, Scoil Fhionain Falcarragh


Very enjoyable and educational, better than expected. Pupils very pleased too.

Ms , Scoil Fhionain Falcarragh


SkyDome experience was fantastic. Children really enjoyed it.

Mr Cannon, Scoil Fhionain Falcarragh


Super enjoyable. A topic that children take real interest in. Thank you.

Ms Appelbe, Booterstown NS


It was fantastic to have a school trip which came to the school as it's more cost effective and less time consuming than trips on a bus /dart. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learnt so much.

Ms Prenter, Booterstown NS


It brought to life what I had been teaching in geography. It was far cheaper than organising a bus to a venue.

Ms Fraser, Booterstown NS


Judging by the buzz of the talk from the children as they lined up to go home they thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learnt a lot from it. I think it really heightened their interest in this area. I would highly recommend it. It brought the area alive to the children.

Ms Murphy, St. Mary's Enniskeane


The SkyDome was a fantastic educational experience for the 1st class pupils. The pupils were amazed by the visual display. Pupils really enjoyed the experience. Well done.

Ms Scannell, St. Mary's Enniskeane


Very enjoyable and informative experience for the students.

, St. Mary's Enniskeane


Even the infants learnt a lot from their session. Very enjoyable and definitely to be recommended to others.

Ms Mc Carthy, St. Mary's Enniskeane


Pupils thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Very well presented and questions answered well. Thank you.

Mr O'Donain, St. Mary's Enniskeane


Excellent, very enjoyable, I learned as much as the students.

Mr O'Toole, St. Mary's Baldoyle


Very beneficial as class had covered planets in the weeks preceding show.

Mr Mc Evoy, Scoil Bhride Clonaslee


Children thoroughly enjoyed experience. They learned a lot and seemed motivated to discover more when they returned to class.

Ms Bermingham, Scoil Bhride Clonaslee


Very enjoyable experience for all, pupils and teachers alike! Really impressed to see the pupils listening, learning and interacting. Well done.

Ms O'Donoghue, Scoil Bhride Clonaslee


Very informative and enjoyable. Children were engaged and encouraged to ask questions.

Ms Gaughan, St. Margarets


Excellent and interesting, Thanks.

Ms Fitzgerald, St. Margarets


The children learned a lot from their trip. A lot of difficult concepts are much clearer and real for them. Thank you.

Ms Naone, St. Margarets


The mobile planetarium is a great vehicle for creating an interest in the stars and planets and for developing the imaginations of the children in the infant classes.

Ms Watson, Scoil Nioclas Naofa


Very suitable for 3rd class level and adapted well to the children's interest. Excellent.

Ms O'Connell, Scoil Niaclas Naofa


Very good and an enjoyable presentation. Would recommend to other teachers.

Ms Hyland, Scoil Nioclas Naofa


Really enjoyed it, loads of information explained very well.

Ms Burke, Scoil Nioclas Naofa


An excellent resource for the children to experience the Universe in the classroom.

Mr Collins , Parteen NS


The children really enjoyed the experience. The questions /answers part at the end was very valuable aspect of the experience. The constellations proved a great talking point.

Ms Coughlan, Parteen NS


Very impressive and enjoyable.

Ms Barry, Parteen NS


Very informative, Pupils really enjoyed visit and had lots of questions. Thanks for all the effort.

Ms Guckian, Parteen NS


This activity was very different for the children. The SkyDome and computer graphics were very effective. The sequencing of the sky views were very effective and the children were able to gain a good understanding of the sky, stars and the orbit of the planets and earth Thank you.

Mr Ni Chinneide, Gaelscoil Mhuscrai



Ms Ni Shiurtain, Gaelscoil Mhuscrai


Great to have the SkyDome in school much easier for all, no travel etc. The children thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks.

Ms Murphy, St. Oliver Plunkett's NS


An excellent experience for all classes. Very well presented.

Mr Keary, Balrokery NS


Very nice experience, the children really enjoyed it, very interactive.

Ms Callaghan, Scoil Oilibhear Naofa


Children enjoyed the visit, the presentation was educational and engaging. The delivery was very good and the language used was appropriate for the children.

Ms Markham, Balrothery NS


Excellent presentation, Well done.

Mr Caffery, Balrothery NS


The children really enjoyed it as did the teachers.

Ms Browne, Carysfort National School


A really impressive presentation. Very interesting and I will be asking you back again. Thank you.

Mr Hammand, Our lady's School .


Very enjoyable, educational experience for pupils and teachers. It was an exciting way for the pupils to learn about the solar system. Very good visuals and simple, concrete explanations given. Really enjoyable.

Ms Thompson, St. Brigids GNS


Just thought the presentation was fantastic. Perfect pitch for the children at their level and easily understood. Also the children loved it!

Ms Farrell, St. Brigids GNS


I found it very interesting and educational.

Ms Wynne, Talbot SNS


The children were interested from the beginning because the structure created interest. Content - child centred. Listened to children's questions.

Ms Harrington, Talbot SNS


Bus transport is very expensive and that prevents us going to some places even if they are free so it was great that the planetarium comes to us.

Ms Considine, Talbot SNS


It was really handy to have it set up near the school. No bus expenses. Thanks for the great experience!

Ms Walsh, Talbot SNS


Well presented and informative. Pitched at a good level for the children.

Mr Carty, Talbot SNS


Excellent activity. Great resource. Very well presented.

Mr Gilmartin, Talbot SNS


The children really enjoyed the experience and it sparked their interest in the planets and will encourage them to look for the stars on a clear night.

Mr O'Brien, Scoil Chaitriona


Excellent experience, very enjoyable, feedback from the children is great, they loved it. Would recommend it to others.

Mr Murphy, Scoil Chaitriona


It was excellent and informative with great resources which made the experience real and comprehensible. Thank you.

Mr O'Grady, Scoil Chaitriona


Very good visual experience for the children.

Mr , Scoil Chaitriona


Top class experience. It was both informing and entertaining for the staff and children. Very worthwhile.

Mr Monaghan, Carysfort National School


Children tend to enjoy overall each experience presented. All loved today and really enjoyed. Thank you.

Ms Linehith, Carysfort National School


This was a highly educational experience which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. A huge amount was learned in the time we were allocated. Questions were answered in a perfectly age appropriate manner and insight was gained into topics of interest to the children. It was a wonderful demonstration and talk.

Ms McMullan, Carysfort National School


We didn't even have to leave the school and also great that so many classes could benefit. Thank you very much, the kids loved it.

Mr Cooper, Carysfort National School


Very realistic. Very clear explanation of constellations. Clearest explanation of earth's rotation and equinox and longest and shortest day.

Ms Roddy, Frenchport National School


Excellent visual show. Explained in simple terms for the children many of the astronomical concepts.

Mr , Poulfur National School


Excellent opportunity for the children to learn more about the solar system etc. Totally unique approach to showing our place in space. Thank you. Also very good value for money.

Ms Walls, Poulfur National School


A very enjoyable experience!!

Ms Ni Cheochain, Poulfur National School


The SkyDome was very worthwhile. It was information relevant to the curriculum, engaging.The children really enjoyed the visual aspect of the talk. It provided real understanding of the spinning of planets, etc. Most enjoyable experience and very well presented to the children.

Ms Lynch, Poulfur National School


Excellent interaction with the children, getting down to their level, very visual, great introduction to new terminology. A very educational experience, every child learned something.

Ms Doran, Poulfur National School


Children have a fascination for space, stars planets etc. And this planetarium explained so much to them and put them in the centre of the Universe.

Ms Ui Ghrifin, Scoil Naomh Eoin Baiste


Great experience. The children loved it.

Ms FitzGibbs, St. John's Cratloe National School


Very informative and visually impressive. Well done.

Mr Gilsenan, St. John's Cratloe National School


Excellent, very exciting, good explanations, good opportunity for children to ask questions.

Ms Farrell, St. John's Cratloe National School


Facilitator very good. Very nice to the children. His passion for his subject also apparent. The presentation was pitched to a level appropriate to the children.

Mr Sheedy, St. John's Cratloe National School


The SkyDome was a wonderful experience for both myself and the children. Very educational.

Ms Golden, St. John's Cratloe National School


Boys were really interested and challenged by the information. So was I as a teacher. Really interesting. Couldn't fault it.

Ms S, OLV Boys National School


Excellent, areas covered, seasons, navigation, night sky etc.

Mr Kinsella, St. Joseph's Secondary School


Much more interactive and enjoyable for the children as they really felt they were "in space" at one point. Sitting on the moon.

Mrs , Boy's School


Extremely worthwhile educational experience. Children really enjoyed themselves. Pitched information at appropriate level.

Ms Flaherty, Edenderry B National School


An excellent experience. Really stirred the children's interest.

Mr Fitzgerald, Edenderry B National School


Very enjoyable experience. Good rapport with children and all their questions were answered.

Mr O'Looney, Edenderry B National School


The children really enjoyed the experience. Their questions were expertly answered.

Ms Dolan, Edenderry B National School


The children really enjoyed the experience and couldn't stop discussing it when they left the SkyDome. It was a very worthwhile session and one I would certainly recommend to others.

Ms Hanrahan, Edenderry B National School


A fantastic educational experience for all the children. Very effective. What a fun enjoyable interactive way to learn. Superb presentation. Hope to book again next year.

Ms Farrell, St. Mochta's National School


Excellent, children loved it. Thank you.

Ms O'Mahony, St. Mochta's National School


Difficult to compare to other trips as there was no travelling involved, but in comparison to any other educational event that was brought to the school, it was the best.

Mr Morgan, St. Mochta's National School


It was pitched exactly at the level of the development of the pupils and the commentary and question answering session was great.

Mr Halligan, St. Mochta's National School


It was very interactive and informative. The children found it very interesting and engaged well.

Ms Naughton, St. Mochta's National School


Excellent demonstration and explanation. A very enjoyable and informative experience.

Mr Mullarley, St. Mochta's National School


Very good visually. Q&A session very effective. Very informative.

Ms Feunel, Whitechurch National School


The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience, it brought to life many of their thoughts and ideas regarding the planets and stars.

Mr Cullow, Whitechurch National School


Ideal for 3rd and 4th classes. Our other school trips are geared towards the P.E. curriculum.

Ms Collins , Whitechurch National School


Children enjoyed it. Very realistic and educational.

Ms McGrath, Whitechurch National School


Excellent presentation. The kids really enjoyed it and learned a lot of new material.

Ms Flavin, Whitechurch National School


Great experience for all the class. A very different and enjoyable experience for the class.

Ms Duffy , Aglish National School


An excellent experience for the pupils and teachers. Very well presented and very child oriented. Answered all their questions willingly.

Ms Hessis, Stella Manis


The time passed very quickly, the children loved it. Thank you.

Mr Sisk, Notre Dame Junior School


Very enjoyable, interactive and educational. Thoroughly enjoyed by all the girls. Promoted an interest in the skies. Hopefully we will continue to work on this. Thank you.

Ms Walsh, Notre Dame Junior School


I found it very interesting and thought it really captured students attention.

Ms Higgins, Loreto College Crumlin


I felt it held the pupils attention very well. Very different to all other school trips out. Very enjoyable.

Ms McMorrow, Loreto College Crumlin


This is a very good cross curricular programme and could be extended further for senior geography pupils. It is a good introduction which will hopefully encourage students to explore this area.

Ms Boland, Nenagh CBS Secondary


Very good presentation. Very enjoyable.

Ms Deveny, Nenagh CBS Secondary


Well prepared, Excellent delivery. Great talk with lighting show effort.

Mr Slattery, Nenagh CBS Secondary


Very enjoyable and unique experience for students. They learned a lot and it was very informative.

Mr Scully, St. Joseph's CBS Secondary School


An excellent experience for the children. Resourced excellent and facilitator was great, great knowledge and control of pupils.

Ms O Shaughnessy, Cooneal


Excellent show.

Mr Byrne, Culleen National School


This was a fantastic experience. The presenter was clear and had a "child friendly" approach though firm when required. Well done.

Ms Staunton, Bonniconlon


Very enjoyable, fascinating, kids really enjoyed the presentation.

Mr Forde, Bofield National School


Great to have the planetarium come to our school. It's a topic/subject that all the children have a fascination with. Pupils were very eager to learn, asked a lot of questions.

Ms Healy, Moyne College Secondary school


Well organised, informative, interesting, as well as being novel (the SkyDome itself) really unique experience.

Ms O Reilly, Riversdale CC


Excellent presentation, Interesting for the students, great visual value.

Ms Caesar, Riversdale CC


A really wonderful event. Very entertaining and educational.

Ms O'Sullivan, Riversdale CC


Excellent demonstration, well enjoyed.

Mr Farrell, Riversdale CC


Very enjoyable and interesting. It is the first exhibition of its kind that I have seen.

Mr McGuinness, Riversdale CC


The illustration of the stars and their formation was very clear. The relative shape of the planets and the sun and their size in relation to each other was excellent.

Mr Molloy, St. Patricks National School


Very unusual and informative. Gave pupils a clearer insight into the wonders of our Universe.

Mr Doyle, St. Patricks National School


Class really enjoyed the SkyDome. Great opportunity for them.

Ms Brennan, St. Patricks National School


Very handy that it came to the school. No travelling for pupils. Questions answered well at end. Maybe an introduction to astronomy + what the students will see in the SkyDome prior to entering it.

Ms McDowell, Confey College


Thought the experience was very beneficial to the students. Gave them an excellent insight into info regarding earth and many concepts, day and night, seasons, stars, planets, sun etc.

Ms O Mehir, Confey College


Very educational and informative, children were engrossed for the whole session, some of their comments were "Fantastic", "Amazing", "Awesome", "Fascinating". That says it all.

Ms Crowe, Scoil Naomh Eirc


The SkyDome Academy should be invited to all schools. Super presentation. Mile Buiochas.

Ms Loibhead, Scoil Naomh Eirc


The children really enjoyed the experience and the teachers too. Very informative too.

Ms McElligott, Scoil Naomh Eirc


All the class and adults enjoyed the SkyDome. The children talked about it all the way back to school. It was brilliant to visually see the way the Earth moves. We would have liked a little more time, we thoroughly enjoyed it all. Thank you.

Ms O Neill, St. Catherine's National School


Very enjoyable and educational experience. It really brought to life this topic for the pupils. The pupils themselves described it as an amazing experience.

Ms Mc Dermott, St. Catherine's National School


This experience helps the class see in a practical way what is happening in the solar system.

Mr Hewitt, Monastery CBS


Didn't quite know what to expect but found it educational and interesting.

Mr Reale, Monastery CBS


Excellent presentation, really brings the material to life, makes it much more tangible for children. Well done.

Ms Glennon, St. Colmcille's Primary School


Very well organised, interactive, very interesting.

Ms Bargin, St. Colmcille's Primary School


Excellent experience both for the teachers and pupils. Fabulous presentation.

Mr Kelly, St. Colmcille's Primary School


I really enjoyed this. I felt being able to learn and experience in this way for the class helped explain some of the concepts of science and geography in a way I never could. I felt they will really remember this experience. The speaker had a great way of holding the students attention and used language very appropriate to the class level (5th class). Thank you.

Ms Faherty, St. Colmcille's Primary School


A great treat for me as a teacher and students. Students would benefit more if they had prepared work sheets. School should be encouraged to maintain students' interest in this subject.

Ms Mare, St. Joseph's


Well run, to the point, relevant, worth the 5 Euro, would recommend it highly.

Ms Rourke, CBS Roscommon


Very enjoyable. This was a great resource for students as they got to see our solar system in action. It was also beneficial that students got to voice their views and have their questions answers.

Ms Daly, CBS Roscommon


Different and interesting.

Ms Gleese, Sisters of Charity


Thoroughly enjoyable and fun.

Mr Bourke, Sisters of Charity


Thank you for the planetarium experience and information.

Ms Ryan, Scoil Mhuire na nAingeal


Fantastic to have this experience in our school. Much enjoyed by pupils. Many thanks.

Ms Heywood, Scoil Mhuire na nAingeal


The children really enjoyed the SkyDome. It was great to see the planets and constellations come to life and it really enhanced the children's understanding of topics we had been studying in class. Ollie did a great job answering the children's huge amount of questions.

Ms , Gaelscoil Naomh Padraig


Very enjoyable experience, very good value for money and very informative for both teachers and pupils.

Mr Reilly, Gaelscoil Naomh Padraig


The children really enjoyed themselves and learnt a lot. They all went home with more information and a lot more questions.

Ms , Gaelscoil Naomh Padraig


Ollie was a font of knowledge and he was very good to answer all questions that the children asked. The SkyDome is fantastic and you can really experience what the planets, stars etc. are like up close. The information was presented in a clear way and was easy to understand. Incredibly enjoyable overall.

Ms NiChoistealbha, Gaelscoil Naomh Padraig


An excellent interactive learning experience for the children.

Mr Cronolly, St. Oliver Plunkett National school


All children really enjoyed the experience. It was very interactive and highly visual with a really informative session relevant to the age of the pupils.

Ms White, St. Oliver Plunkett National school


Thank you very much, a wonderful experience for the children who enjoyed themselves immensely and learned so much. Very well organised and taught.

Mr Hoey, St. Oliver Plunkett National school


Very interesting and educational, very good presentation.

Ms Williams , Banagher National School


Well presented using easy to understand language. Focused on what would interest children. Why is the sky blue, Length of day and night, seasons etc. Thank you.

Mr Fitzmaurice, Banagher National School


Very informative session, enjoyable, children definitely captivated by what they heard (8-12 yrs).

Mr Robninson, Creevagh National School


Manageable chunk of info and great resourced and delivery, thanks.

Ms King, Creevagh National School


Very interesting and caught the interest of the children … an inspiration to do further work on it.

Ms West, Newtown White


Fantastic and would love to experience it again as would the children.

Ms , Scoil Mhic Dara


Everyone enjoyed the presentation.

Mr Breathnaigh, Scoil Mhic Dara


Ollie was brilliant, great information, great control of class, well done, keep it up.

Mr Kernan,


Excellent activity. The children really enjoyed it.

Mr Monaghan, Divine Word National School .


A very different experience for the children, extremely enjoyable. Thank you.

Ms Marie, Divine Word National School .


Really great, I did not see a full session but thought it was excellent. Children thought it was really good. We have had some other great presentations in the school but I think the novelty factor of the SkyDome is great. Thank you so much, will recommend it to other schools.

Ms O'Reilly, Divine Word National School .


Really interesting, a fantastic opportunity for pupils to see a planetarium.

Ms McCortney, Divine Word National School .


Ollie's presentation and knowledge was excellent and his rapport with the children. So good - highly recommend him. Thank you.

Mr Breeds, Divine Word National School .


Very enjoyable, The kids were looking forward to it. They weren't disappointed.

Mr Reilly, Divine Word National School .


I learned lots about the night sky myself. This will lead to lots of lessons about stars and astronomy next week.

Ms Bracken, Divine Word National School .


Really interesting and enjoyable.

Mr Nolan, Divine Word National School .


There is great potential to do follow up work in the class, or even prep work before hand. Very visual and full on, which is perfect for young people and adults. Puts things in perspective. Thank you, Glenn Lynch.

Mr Lynch, Divine Word National School .


Excellent idea and the more visual it was the more engaged the children were. Super experience.

Ms Francis, Divine Word National School .


Very child friendly, excellent graphics, engaged the children, the children learned a lot.

Mr Mangan, Divine Word National School .


Excellent presentation, a very novel idea, great educational value for students and teachers. Very enjoyable with a good balance of presentation and discussion.

Mr Berkeley, Divine Word National School .


Fantastic knowledge of astronomy, Held interest of pupils (5th class). Good pace - children learnt a lot in many topics. Questioning - answering children's questions at the end ensured satisfaction for all.

Ms Mullin, Divine Word National School .


Fantastic way to learn about the night sky.

Ms Maguuire, Waterford Traveller CDP


Very interesting, very innovative, IT excellent. Both relevant and scientific.

Ms Downing, St Brendan’s NS, Fenit


Excellent presentation, well delivered. Educationally easy for all children to follow.

Mr Connell, St Brendan’s NS, Fenit


The content was presented in a very visual manner. The information was concise and simple, the children were not given words they did not understand. The question and answer sessions facilitated further learning for all the children. A very enjoyable and educational experience.

Ms O'Connor, St Brendan’s NS, Fenit


Our students and parents really enjoyed the SkyDome and hopefully we will be in a position to book it again next year.

Kathleen O'Toole-Brennan, Trinity Access Programmes, TCD


Very interesting demonstration, the SkyDome was very effective in teaching the children all about earth in space. Many thanks.

Múinteoir Breen, Scoil San Treasa, Mount Merrion


The children adored the experience and the transitions from day to night. They returned to their classroom talking and chatting about what they had seen with great enthusiasm. Ollie had great patience and rapport with the young children, maintaining their attention and answered all their questions.

Ms Hughes, Tubber NS, Moate


Fantastic, the children really really enjoyed it. Very informative, very visual. Go raibh Maith agat!

Múinteoir Ní Laoire, Gaelscoil Na Cille, Ashbourne


Children thoroughly enjoyed it, hard to believe we were in the school hall! Overall a brilliant experience for everyone - one of the best we've ever had.

Múinteoir Ní Bhaoill, Gaelscoil Na Cille, Ashbourne


Amazing - wonderful experience. Molaim go hard é. Le mile Búiochas.

Múinteoir Cooney, Gaelscoil Na Cille, Ashbourne


It was great to have the SkyDome visit the school, this was convenient. A very enjoyable experience.

Ms Hannon, St. Peter’s NS Snr, Athlone


Very enjoyable, the children were very excited.

Ms Lennon, St. Peter’s NS Snr, Athlone


Wonderful in school audio-visual experience. What a wonderful experience. You are a natural enthusiastic teacher.

Principal Dolan, St. Peter’s NS Snr, Athlone


Very educational, next best thing to actually being there. Really gripped children's imagination. Super presentation. Question and answer session excellent too.

Ms Kileannon, St. Peter’s NS Snr, Athlone


Very good, kids studied rotation of earth and meteors as part of discover science, so was very relevant to this class. Very enjoyable - thank you.

Ms Shanagher, St. Peter’s NS Snr, Athlone


Excellent presentation, really reinforced curriculum, very enjoyable.

Ms Costello, St. Peter’s NS Snr, Athlone


Children really enjoyed your visit. Difficult science concepts were brought to life and really added to their understanding.

Múinteoir Rang a 5, Gaelscoil An Mhuilinn, Mullingar


The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Oliver included Irish terminology in the session which is always a bonus for Gaelscoileanna. The experience made the planets, stars etc. more interesting to the children than any classroom lesson could.

Múinteoir Uí Mhuirí, Gaelscoil An Mhuilinn, Mullingar


Very knowledgeable coordinator. A little advanced for the infants but still extremely enjoyable. Dome effect very good. Feedback from children was they loved the experience.

Múinteoir Naíonáin Bheaga, Gaelscoil An Mhuilinn, Mullingar


Rang 3 showed great interest in the SkyDome. They would have loved more time to ask questions and study the sky more.

Múinteoir Rang a 3, Gaelscoil An Mhuilinn, Mullingar


Really enjoyed it, well done, very informative, thanks!

Ms Kavanagh, Clonkeen College, Blackrock


Relevant to JC Science and Geography

Mr Keogh, Clonkeen College, Blackrock


Relevant to all curricula areas -different areas for different levels

Ms Kane, Monkstown Educate Together


It was very good and interesting and the kids really enjoyed it.

Ms O'Shea, Monkstown Educate Together


Very relevant to the SESE Curriculum - also ethical education / green schools. Really enjoyed the presentation.

Ms Condon, Monkstown Educate Together


Class response: "So cool!", "Thank you!", "Amazing!"

Ms Stokes, Monkstown Educate Together


Class response: "Brilliant", "Amazing", "Very interesting", "Thanks very much"

Mr Patterson, Monkstown Educate Together


It was excellent, thank you!

Ms Henderson, Sutton Park School


An excellent idea. Great for visual learners.

Principal Hoy, Sutton Park School


Would have preferred longer because it was brilliant.

Ms Sherlock, Sutton Park School


The presentation can be followed easily with no prior knowledge.

Mr Connor, Coláiste Dhúlaigh, Coolock


A school educational tour - no bus required

Principal Scally, Rosemount NS, Westmeath


Fantastic way to introduce children to the solar system and stars! Children loved it!

Ms Quinn, Rosemount NS, Westmeath


I found this a very educational and enjoyable experience. Very novel idea for explaining about space, planets, seasons etc. Children really enjoyed it! You handled all their questions very well.

Ms Farrell, Rosemount NS, Westmeath


An excellent experience well structured, excellently presented. The presenter was extremely knowledgeable and confidently answered all the children's questions. Great Experience.

Ms Ryan, St Brigid's NS, Singland, Limerick


Great to see theory put into as practical terms as possible within the confines of the school. Info pitched at right level. Really enjoyed experience. Class all agree it was excellent. Just enough info without overloading!

Ms Synnott, St Brigid's NS, Singland, Limerick


Ideal in that no transport costs were involved and pupils could be much more effectively organised on school premises. Great variety in the presentation, kept the children involved at all times, a great way of illustrating some complex concepts.

Ms McElhinney, St Brigid's NS, Singland, Limerick


Very worthwhile, the pupils would have learned a great deal as it consolidates what had been done earlier in the year.

Ms Clune, St Brigid's NS, Singland, Limerick


Because we had it in situ, it was more affordable for the children, it fitted perfectly with our primary science, award activities and captivated both adults and children.

Ms Ganey, St Brigid's NS, Singland, Limerick


We thoroughly enjoyed the experience overall. Thank You

Ms Gleeson, Duagh NS, Kerry


It was thoroughly enjoyable and fascinating experience. The visual element was fantastic and made everything easier to understand and follow for the children.

Ms Scannell, Duagh NS, Kerry


The staff and children thoroughly enjoyed the experience of the SkyDome Academy. Everybody enjoyed the colourful visuals and it was a wonderful educational experience, well done.

Mr Fitzgerard, Duagh NS, Kerry


Excellent, brings the universe to life, adapted to younger age group, children's interest was held, they sat and listened.

Ms Nolan, Duagh NS, Kerry


A lovely experience. Thank you

Ms Phelan, Duagh NS, Kerry


Very Good, Well done, an excellent experience.

Mr Grennan, St Paul's CBS, Brunswick Street



Mr Clerkin, St Paul's CBS, Brunswick Street


Excellent and very interactive- students really enjoyed it.

Ms Brady, St Paul's CBS, Brunswick Street


Excellent overall. Very Engaging to students.

Ms Holton, St Paul's CBS, Brunswick Street


We all thought the planetarium was great. It really ticked the boxes for all classes for the Planet Earth in Space strand of the Geography curriculum - an area that teachers find difficult enough. The children loved the projections and gained a good understanding of the movement of the earth, day and night and the seasons as well as the solar system and constellations generally. I particularly liked how you wove the ancient astrological / astronomical beliefs into the presentation.

Ms Sheridan, Bray School Project


The presentation was excellent. The children greatly enjoyed the experience and in discussion later in the classroom it was evident that they learned a lot during the session. I will use this as a starting part for projects on the solar system and the galaxy.

Mr Sheridan, Bray School Project


This was an excellent experience for all the children … it was outstanding! First Class Level!

Ms Finnerty, Bray School Project


It was better than other trips in the sense that it came to the school. Really well presented and pitched- thank you!

Ms Regan, Bray School Project


Although the group were quite talkative it was because they wanted to share their knowledge and many have never experienced such an event. I am a special needs assistant and sat with two boys who thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learnt a lot. I would certainly recommend SkyDome.

Ms Keating, Bray School Project


Thank you for a very enjoyable day - the students had a great experience.

Ms Pierce, St Michael's Holy Faith, Finglas



Ms Gilligan Quinn, St Michael's Holy Faith, Finglas


All in all- it was brilliant!

Ms McClure, St. Kilian's Deutsche Schule, Clonskeagh


First time such an event was organized, very enjoyable- very good.

Ms Hallin, St. Kilian's Deutsche Schule, Clonskeagh


The condensed information was perfect for our age group 4-6 years

Principal Byrne, St. Kilian's Deutsche Schule, Clonskeagh


It is difficult to compare the Sk Dome with other school trips. It is different and my class absolutely enjoyed the whole experience.

Ms Kuechenmeister, St. Kilian's Deutsche Schule, Clonskeagh


It was lovely and the children enjoyed it a lot. They've been really excited about the SkyDome and they're amazed by it. Thank you very much for this lovely and great experience.

Ms Hahn, St. Kilian's Deutsche Schule, Clonskeagh


Excellent presentation and setting, very interesting and informative, provided and alternative learning experience and situation. I thoroughly enjoyed it-could have stayed for longer..keep up the great work. I'll keep you in mind for next year. I will pass on the good word to other teachers/school. Many thanks for a wonderful show and experience.

Ms O'Boyle, Mercy Secondary School, Kilbeggan


It was very enjoyable and the students learned a lot. I believe that it has awakened and interest in them.

Ms O'Brien, Mercy Secondary School, Kilbeggan


I found it very informative and interesting. It was a great experience.

Ms Beatty, St. Colmcille's Community School, Knocklyon


I have spoken to the teachers and pupils that attended your show and the feedback on all accounts was very good. Good luck to you in future.

Ms Farrell, St. Mary's Secondary School, Edenderry


Very informative, good presentation

Mr Newman, St. Mary's Secondary School, Edenderry


An excellent experience and very well presented. Could not fault presentation at all. Many Thanks.

Mr Hynes, St. Mary's Secondary School, Edenderry


Cannot see how this could be better.

Ms Wilkes, Patrician College, Finglas


The students really liked learning something that would not be covered in the class room.

Ms Kennedy, Patrician College, Finglas


Really enjoyed experience, very informative, age appropriate, pace very good. A must see for all.

Ms Cullen, Patrician College, Finglas


I have been teaching for almost nine years and this is easily the best science presentation that I and my colleagues have seen. Children were captivated and their understanding of our stars seasons planets have been superbly enhanced.

Mr O'Brien, Holy Rosary Primary School, Firhouse


Would love for it to come to each school around the country, the children loved it, excellent, very very enjoyable.

Ms Delaney, St. Colman's NS, Mucklagh


Brilliantly delivered pitched just right, maintained children's interest the whole way through a must for all 5th and 6th primary classes

Ms O'Gorman, St. Colman's NS, Mucklagh


Excellent experience and value for money.

Ms Grace, Ballyboy NS, Offaly


Very enjoyable hour. Well done to all involved.

Múinteoir Doolan, Lumcloon NS, Offaly


Exceptionally entertaining and a fantastic way to see the whole planets set up. Thanks.

Mr Kenny, Kilcormac BNS, Offaly


Very educational enhanced their understanding of the planets.

Ms Balfe, Mountbolus NS, Offaly


Excellent experience and value for money.

Mr Murphy, St. Paul's Secondary School, Monasterevin


I found your SkyDome presentation to be very informative, educational, innovative and most importantly entertaining for all of our students. In these days of rapid technological and scientific change the SkyDome certainly grabs the attention of 'the xbox generation'. All students enjoyed the experience and I'm sure this has led to many of them opening their minds to scientific ideas and perhaps careers..well done.

Mr Marron, St. Paul's Secondary School, Monasterevin


A great experience, really enjoyable. Thanks!

Ms Lacey, St. Andrew's College, Booterstown


I think that the children would have enjoyed about another fifteen minutes or so, as they had loads of questions and were really enjoying it.

Mr Lawless, St. Andrew's College, Booterstown


A most enjoyable and educational experience. Pupil questions were listened to and responded to enthusiastically.

Ms De Búrca, Notre Dame Secondary School, Churchtown


Very interesting, loved the pictures.. I usually find this kind of stuff confusing but this was simplified very well and thoroughly enjoyable. Go raibh maith agat.

Ms Ní Bheaglaoich, Notre Dame Secondary School, Churchtown


Super. Very informative. Excellent feedback already from students. They enjoyed it and certainly picked up a few things that they didn't previously understand. After talking to my classes, it really went down well. They loved it, I'll be recommending it around.

Mr Walpole, Notre Dame Secondary School, Churchtown


Really enjoyed it and the children loved it and learnt so much.

Ms Cullen,