Digital technology makes the SkyDome significantly more powerful than analogue ("pinhole") portable planetariums you may be familiar with. Think of the power of a computer versus a slide projector.

A number of features make the SkyDome stand apart from other digital planetarium systems. It is a fully immersive experience. Projecting the full sky and horizon is absolutely critical for effective planetarium teaching. If parts of the sky are missing, not only is it harder for students to orient themselves, but it places limitations on what can be demonstrated easily. The full immersive experience for an audience can be ruined by standard application windows, desktops, projector reconfigurations, and other awkward and jarring transitions.  Not so with the SkyDome, that's what makes it so magical.

The SkyDome outperforms many other mobile planetariums on the most important criteria for practical astronomy education. Inside the SkyDome you can:

  • Demonstrate beginners’ through advanced astronomy concepts.
  • Simulate the sky from any point on Earth or from other planets and moons.
  • Move forward or backward in time to see special astronomical events such as eclipses and planet alignment.
  • Simulate celestial phenomena such as meteor showers.
  • Display the orbits of the planets.
  • Display the paths of the planets against the stars.
  • Display ecliptic, celestial equator, meridian, and equatorial and azimuthal grids.
  • Experience atmospheric effects, such as sunsets or a blue sky (or turn off the atmosphere to view the stars during the day).
  • Zoom in on or label items of interest.
  • View actual images of more than 100 deep space objects in situ.
  • Show constellation outlines, names, and artwork one at a time or all at once.
  • Show constellations from multiple cultures (Western, Polynesian, Chinese, Navajo, ancient Egyptian, Lakota, and Inuit).

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SkyDome Academy is based in Mullingar, Co Westmeath.

Our central location allows us to visit any part of Ireland with the SkyDome digital mobile planetarium in a single day.

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George Lee profiled the SkyDome Academy on RTÉ Radio for The Business. You can listen to the podcast.