The SkyDome is an inflatable portable dome. The SkyDome’s highest quality projection surface enhances black levels for truer blacks. The hemispherical projection surface is free of vents or any other visual interruption.

The carefully designed SkyDome is ideal for projecting the night sky using digital planetarium projectors.

Access to the SkyDome is by means of a vertical zippered doorway without crawling or squeezing. As the SkyDome has no floor, access for wheelchair users is easily achieved by lifting the side of the dome. Emergency exit of the dome is simply a case of lifting the side and flipping it over the audience to allow everyone out quickly.

A high velocity fan inflates the dome and provides continual fresh air exchange which is directed away from the audience for comfort.

SkyDome is made of a specially engineered fabrics. The SkyDome is for indoor use only needs a large room (7m x 7m) with a high ceiling (4 metres)

We can have the SkyDome up and running within 30 minutes in your premises.

SkyDome mobile planetarium

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. You can send an email or a text message with your number and we'll ring you back.


PHONE:     044 9335679

MOBILE:    086 8151666

CONTACT: Oliver Haughey


SkyDome Academy is based in Mullingar, Co Westmeath.

Our central location allows us to visit any part of Ireland with the SkyDome digital mobile planetarium in a single day.

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George Lee profiled the SkyDome Academy on RTÉ Radio for The Business. You can listen to the podcast.